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SUNDAY  JUNE  17,  2018

It's mid June and some of the best fishing of the year is right here, right now.  Bluegills and Sunfish are in the shallows gaurding their beds.  Most anglers are catching them on just a worm under a bobber in 3-6 feet of water.  A few big Perch have also come in this week from fishermen who were targeting Walleyes with crawler harnesses in deeper water.  Walleye catches have still been good with a few anglers getting limits even in this heat.

Speaking of Walleye's, the DNR released approximately 200,000 fingerlings into Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell with their stocking program.  About 130,000 were released into Lake Mitchell and the remainder was released into Lake Cadillac.  The Walleye stocking is definately working, we've been seeing a steady uptick in quantity and the quality over the past few years.  Two summers ago was the first time I ever measured a Master Angler Walleye from Lake Mitchell for a customer, and last fall I did almost a half dozen alone.  That in itself is pretty exciting, and I look forward to seeing more big fish in the future.

Rodyney Sanders is in now in the lead for Bluegills with this monster from Lake Mitchell, this one is 10 1/2", 0.94lbs.

James Poindexter has entered the first Bullhead into our contest.  13", 1.05lbs

Taylor Helmboldt has the current Perch to beat for our contest.  10 7/8", .59lb

Greg Magoon is leading in 2 categories right now.  Not only does he have the largest Walleye but he also has the largest Sunfish now too.  9 3/4", 0.79lb.  Way to go Greg.




Pilgrim Village 7th Annual Free Fishing Contest 

Current Standings as of 6/17/18

Large Mouth Bass    

Taylor Owens     19 1/2", 3.04lb     Lake Mitchell

Small Mouth Bass              

Floyd Long   21 1/8", 5.70lb   Crystal Lake

Northern Pike                     

Matthew Jerome     43 1/8",  17.10lb      Hodenpyle Dam Pond


Greg Magoon     27 3/8", 5.95lb     Lake Mitchell


Rodney Sanders     10 1/2", 0.94lb     Lake Mitchell


Greg Magoon    9 3/4", 0.79lb    Lake Mitchell


Taylor Helmboldt     10 7/8", 0.59lb   Lake Cadillac


Bennett Johnson     12", 0.81lb     Cool Lake


James Poindexter     13", 1.05lb.     Lake Cadillac

DogFish (Bowfin)             

Jon Donehoo     30", 9.08lb    Lake Mitchell


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