Cadillac Elite

Pilgrim Village Resort and Fishing Shop

Because he couldn't find an ice rod that meet his needs for panfish and the light bite of smelt,  Steve Knaisel designed the CADILLAC ELITE ICE ROD.

With a rod tip so limber, that there is no need to add a spring bobber, it is sensitive enough to detect the lite bite of a smelt.

The rod guides are large enough not to freeze up, yet light enough not to slow the rods action.  The handle has the rod blank running all the way through it to keep it from getting soft and spongy after a lot of use.  The CADILLAC ELITE rod handle comes with a real reel seat, that will hold your favorite ice reel securely in place.  All have hook keepers.  All sizes balance with your favorite Hali Jig.

The CADILLAC ELITE ROD not only works for smelt fishing, it is also great for the ultra-lite panfish anglers.

The CADILLAC ELITE ROD comes in three lenghts, 24", 30" and 36".  They retail for:

24" - $14.99

30" - $15.99

36" - $16.99

You can order a CADILLAC ELITE ROD by calling

231-775-5412 or contacting us through this website

Cadillac Elite Rods
181 S. Lake Mitchell Dr.
Cadillac, Michigan  49601


Resort & Hotel

The Resort offers a variety of accommodations for your comfort. We have twelve cozy cottages, three private cottages, one lakefront house and seven motel rooms. Located on the East shore of Lake Mitchell, the resort has a private beach and swimming area, along with 4 docks for our guests.


Fishing Shop

The Fishing Shop offers from basic sinkers and hooks to tackle for the more advanced fishermen. The Fishing Shop is open daily at 7:00 A.M. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with information to catch more fish. At the Pilgrim Village we can supply everything but the fish.


Contact us with any questions or to schedule a rental.