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SUNDAY  JULY  1,  2018

It's hard to believe that it is July already!  Looks like it will continue to be in the mid 80's for the rest of the Holiday week.  Sounds like perfect weather to spend some time on the water.  

If you're looking to do some fishing this week it's probably best to stick to the mornings and evenings to avoid the extreme heat and the recreational boating traffic.  There will be lots of extra boats, jets skis and kayaks on the lakes so be mindful.  Panfish have been good for both Bluegills and Crappie.  Bluegills are starting to move into deeper water, fish for them about a foot off the bottom in weed beds from 6-12 foot deep.  Just a basic worm or leach under a slip bobber should do the trick.  Crappie have been in deeper water suspended about half way down in about 14 foot of water.  You're going to want to be using minnows and start setting your bobber about 5-6' down from the surface.

Walleye fishing continues to do well.  Most of the fish are being caught on live bait, trolling crawler harnesses.  Some anglers are also using leaches under a slip bobber or on a jigs as well.  Target the outside edges of weed lines in 10-17' of water.  If you're going to troll crawler harnesses the magic speed seems to be just fast enough to barely make the blades turn.

Pike and Bass fishing has been good lately.  Not much size to the Pike but they make up for it in quantity.  Most of them are of just legal size but they're still exciting to catch.  Spinnerbaits and weedless spoons like Johnson Silver Minnows are great lures to use as they seem to be able to deflect of weeds easier so you spend more time fishing and less time getting unsnagged and pulling weeds of your hooks.  We've seen some nice heavier Largemouth Bass come in lately.  They seem to finally be putting on some weight now that they've recouped from spawning.  The anglers targeting them have been mainly using soft plastics like wacky worms of swim baits, but many are being caught on accident by just about anything with a hook in it.  Bluegill fishermen are catching them on their worms and having them attack their bobbers, Walleye anglers are catching them on crawler harnesses, and those fishing Crappies are catching Bass on their minnows as well.  Chances are whatever you're fishing for you'll probable catch a Bass as well.

We're starting to hear some rumors of Summer run Steelhead also known as Skamania being caught off the Piers on Lake Michigan.  Soon they will be making their way up river and we'll be seeing them caught there too.

Gavin Fowler proudly holding his first fish.

Tim Johnson holding the new first place Perch in our Fishing Contest.  12", .70lbs is the size to beat.

Nolan Nixon holding a nice Crappie he caught from Lake Cadillac, this one is 11 3/4" and .92 pounds.

Cameron Helmboldt is the new leader for the Largemouth Bass category of our contest.  This monster is 20 1/4", 3.81lbs.

A new big Bullhead was brought in by John Culp from Lake Cadillac.  13 3/4" 1.23lbs.



Pilgrim Village 7th Annual Free Fishing Contest 

Current Standings as of 7/1/18

Large Mouth Bass    

Cameron Helmboldt     20 1/4", 3.81lb     Hewitt Lake

Small Mouth Bass              

Floyd Long   21 1/8", 5.70lb   Crystal Lake

Northern Pike                     

Matthew Jerome     43 1/8",  17.10lb      Hodenpyle Dam Pond


Greg Magoon     27 3/8", 5.95lb     Lake Mitchell


Rodney Sanders     10 1/2", 0.94lb     Lake Mitchell


Greg Magoon    9 3/4", 0.79lb    Lake Mitchell


Tim Johnson     10 7/8", 0.59lb   Duck Lake


Robert Herzhaft     12 1/2", 1.01lb     Lake Cadillac


John Culp     13 3/4", 1.23lb.     Lake Cadillac

DogFish (Bowfin)             

Jon Donehoo     30", 9.08lb    Lake Mitchell


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