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It's starting to get a little cooler outside, the kids are back in school and the hustle and bustle of the Summer tourism is slowing down to a quieter pace.  Some of the best fishing on our lakes is in front of us and this time of year you might be the only boat on the lake.  While many anglers are pre-occupied with putting up deer stands and trail cameras or cleaning up recent storm damange the fishing for game fish like Bass, Pike and Walleye are all going to get better as they feed to put on weight before winter.  However the dominant fish for right now doesn't swim in our lakes.  Salmon moving up the Manistee and Betsie Rivers is where the action is at right now.  Two weeks ago when the storms hit that did so much damage also brought lots of rain fall which triggered the Salmon that were staged outside the harbors to move up river.  They have been in thick ever since.  The average King Salmon seems especially large this year with 20 pound fish being the everyday average.  Master Angler sized fish are being caught everyday this year, maybe this is the year we see a new state record.  It will only last for a few more weeks so if you're interested in catching one of these monsters make your plans soon.

The Pilgrim Village Fishing Shop 2018 Free Summer Fishing Contest ends at 11 P.M. on Tuesday, September 11.  There's still time to bring in your winning catch.  Just in the last week we've had a new Walleye and Bullhead entered for top spots.

Mike Harder has the new leader for our Bullhead category of our fishing contest.  At 15 1/2" and 1.98lbs it is also a Master Angler.

Anthony Mikinka with a nice Salmon he caught from the Betsie River, 40 1/4" 24 pounds.

Dustin Blackledge was fishing Tippy Dam for Salmon when he hooked into this nice Walleye.  30" and 10.51lbs is the new leader for the Walleye category in our Contest.

This Master Angler Salmon was caught by Rodney Sanders II on the Betsie River.  40 1/2" and 23.17 pounds.

Tippy Dam produced another Monster Salmon for Matthew Jerome, 42 1/4" 29.23 lbs.

Pilgrim Village 7th Annual Free Fishing Contest

Current Standings as of 9/9/18

Large Mouth Bass
Brenda Polen     21 5/8", 5.53lb     Portage Lake

Small Mouth Bass
Floyd Long   21 1/8", 5.70lb   Crystal Lake

Northern Pike
Matthew Jerome     43 1/8",  17.10lb      Hodenpyle Dam Pond

Dustin Blackledge     30", 10.51lb     Manistee River, Tippy Dam

Rodney Sanders     10 1/2", 0.94lb     Lake Mitchell

Greg Magoon    9 3/4", 0.79lb    Lake Mitchell

Tim Johnson     12", 0.70lb   Duck Lake

Rick Pearson     13 1/4", 1.27lb     Lake Mitchell

Mike Harder    15 1/2", 1.98lb     Lake Cadillac

DogFish (Bowfin)
Jon Donehoo     30", 9.08lb    Lake Mitchell

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- Night Crawlers
- Leafworms
- Dillys

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