Pet Policy

Pilgrim Village Resort and Fishing Shop
            PET POLICY

There is a $20.00 Fee per pet, per stay.  Maximum 2 pets.

We welcome pets except for the month of July,

we ask customers to make arrangements for their pets for this month.

--Keep pets on a leash at all times when outside.

--Clean up after your pet, nobody wants to step in do-do.

--Control the barking, nobody wants to listen to someone else's dog bark.

--If your pet likes to sleep on the furniture, bring a blanket or sheet from home, don't use ours.

--If your pet likes to go into the water, please dry them off before you let them back into the cottage.

--At all times be considerate of other guests.  They should never feel intimated by someone else's pet.


Resort & Hotel

The Resort offers a variety of accommodations for your comfort. We have twelve cozy cottages, three private cottages, one lakefront house and seven motel rooms. Located on the East shore of Lake Mitchell, the resort has a private beach and swimming area, along with 4 docks for our guests.


Fishing Shop

The Fishing Shop offers from basic sinkers and hooks to tackle for the more advanced fishermen. The Fishing Shop is open daily at 7:00 A.M. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with information to catch more fish. At the Pilgrim Village we can supply everything but the fish.


Contact us with any questions or to schedule a rental.